Antonina Shevchenko Sexy

Antonina Shevchenko Sexy

Antonina Shevchenko is an extremely sexy world class fighter who has been competing since 2003. Between 2004 and 2017 she participated in 40 professional kickboxing matches, winning 39 of them while losing only 1 to Yulia Voskobojnik. At the IFMA Royal World Cup event alone she won 4 gold medals including one silver medal for best performance out right which makes her an incredible talent!

Antonina Shevchenko Sexy

Valentina Shevchenko is often considered the sexiest woman in MMA. But what about her sister, Antonina? While Valentina may get all the attention when it comes to looks, Antonina is no slouch in the beauty department. In fact, she’s downright sexy. Just take a look at her Instagram page and you’ll see what we mean. With her killer body and gorgeous face, Antonina is a force to be reckoned with. And did we mention that she’s also an MMA fighter? Talk about a lethal combination. Valentina may be the more famous sister, but Antonina is the sexier one. Sorry, Valentina.

Antonina Shevchenko Sister

Antonina Shevchenko is looking hot as ever in her in her seaside Instagram post. The MMA fighter and UFC star took to the social media site to share a photo of herself enjoying some time on the beach. And she didn’t disappoint her fans, posing in a sexy bikini that showcased her fit physique. Antonina captioned the photo with a simple message, writing, “Life is better at the beach.” Indeed, it looks like Antonina is living her best life and we can’t help but be jealous of her perfect vacation. We’ll just have to live vicariously through her Instagram posts until we can enjoy some beach time of our own!

Antonina Shevchenko Instagram

She definitely brings the heat to her weigh-in’s. The 36-year-old Ukrainian fighter stepped on the scale in a two-piece and looked like every bit the part of a dangerous contender. Shevchenko’s opponent, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, also looked in good form at the weigh-in, but it was Antonina who commanded everyone’s attention. And with good reason – she looked absolutely amazing! It’s clear that Antonina has put in a lot of hard work to get her body looking this good, and she’ll no doubt be hoping that all that effort pays off with many future victories.

Antonina Shevchenko MMA

Antonina Shevchenko is smoking hot, and she knows it. The Ukrainian-born mixed martial artist recently posted a photo of herself in a bikini, and she looks incredible. She’s got the perfect hourglass figure, with toned arms, abs, and legs. Her long, dark hair is flowing in the wind, and she’s got a smouldering look in her eyes. Antonina knows she’s hot stuff, and she’s not afraid to show it off. We can’t blame her – she looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, Antonina. We can’t wait to see more of you.

Antonina Shevchenko Hot

La Pantera is an ultimate fighting champion with a mastery of Muay thai and plane-piloting skills. Her slim figure would never lead you to believe that she could be deadly in the ring, but when it comes down between good versus evil or love against hate – La panteras hands will leave no venue for murder!
Antonina “La panther” Shevchenko has been flying since before most people were born because her father was also a professional pilot so this woman grew up around aviation just like I did growing up here at McCarran las Vegas Airport where all my family lives too. HaHa.

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