Amanda Nunes Nude

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  • Date: July 28, 2023
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Amanda Nunes Nude

AMANDA NUNES nude photos have taken the internet by storm. These photos are very cheeky and revealing. The champ wears her two title belts to conceal her modesty. This is to the dismay of all her millions of  loyal fans and followers.

There is something about a woman that is hot and you know she can beat you up whenever she feels like it. 

Amanda Nunes Nude

The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and Featherweight Champion  is widely considered to be the GOAT or (the greatest of all time) in laymen terms.

After Nunes almost killed Ronda Rousey, and decimated Cris Cyborg in less than a minute, Nunes became the most prominent female fighter in the UFC and in combat sports.

Nude Nunes

As soap was dripping down her back, she showed her followers what she looked like from behind in the nude to the glee of all to view it. Her belts were the only thing covering her bottom as she hung out in the shower. 

She has beautiful wife, who is also a MMA & UFC fighter. Amanda has a baby now, and she believes it gives her more determination to train and provide for her family and with her current results, its hard to argue that it is doing the trick. You wouldn’t half get a shock if you tried to rob these young ladies house. 

Amanda Nude

With a win over Spencer at UFC 250, Nunes made history by retaining her featherweight title and bantamweight titles.

She was the first fighter to successfully defend both of her belts simultaneously.

Since 2014, the Brazilian star has not been beaten by anyone, having won nearly every fight over the last few years with her vicious striking.

She was clearly feeling the celebration spirit as she shared a seductive snap with her 1.2million followers.

Nunes used the exact same naked photo that was featured in the ESPN magazine.

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